At GrowPro we help your business develop and maintain a culture of prosperity. Inspiring transformational growth, while powerfully impacting employees, service and sales. Your business will only do better if your employees do better.

We care about you, because we are you. The server, the bartender, the busser, the chef, the manager, the employee. All who should feel inspired, acknowledged and appreciated. This will be achieved by developing the employee into a happier, healthier and more aware individual.

Do You Want :

• A happier staff?
• A happier customer?
• A happier work environment?
• More sales?


If yes then GrowPro and our H.A.S. format is meant for you. H.A.S. is the foundation that will transform your establishment into a business everyone is raving about. H.A.S. puts the focus and energy on the employee. Creating and developing (H)abits (your daily routine), (A)wareness (perspective on life), and (S)ervice (exceeding the customers expectations). We believe it’s what every business and employee H.A.S to have.

What is H.A.S and how it will positively impact your business and employees

How are you starting your day?
What are you feeding your mind?
Do you have written down goals and dream?
Are you grateful for what you have now?

Do you have an opened or closed mind?
You vs. You mentality and approach
How are you viewing the world?
What is your self talk like?

What you are doing right now matters
Having a positive attitude
Setting high standards
Service tips and strategies


Our Belief
Take care of the staff. The staff takes care of the customers. The customers will take care of the bills.
– Eugene Remm

To empower the restaurant and it’s employees with a new mindset of positivity which will provide an amazing experience for the customer. Creating an environment that inspires everyone to work hard, learn, and grow together.

We provide value with over 30+ years of restaurant experience and 15+ years of personal growth and development.

GrowPro raises the standards in every employee by putting the focus on them. Focus on the employee and get to know them as much as you know the spread sheet. As much as you know the price of the food being purchased. Do you really know the employee? Chances are they don’t even know themselves so it is difficult for leadership to know them. To know what makes them ‘happy’. What makes them ‘excited’. What makes them ‘tick’. The employee needs to be feeling great to express themselves to the guest in the correct way. For them to bring their best effort they must understand that their best effort is needed.


To find out more about how to empower your restaurant and your employees with a new mindset of positivity which will provide an amazing experience for your customers,  just complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you.