At GrowPro we help your business develop and maintain a culture of prosperity. Inspiring transformational growth, while powerfully impacting employees, service and sales. Your business will only do better if your employees do better.

We care about you, because we are you. The server, the bartender, the busser, the chef, the manager, the employee. All who should feel inspired, acknowledged and appreciated. This will be achieved by developing the employee into a happier, healthier and more aware individual.

Do You Want :

• A happier staff?
• A happier customer?
• A happier work environment?
• More sales?


If yes then GrowPro and our H.A.S. format is meant for you. H.A.S. is the foundation that will transform your establishment into a business everyone is raving about. H.A.S. puts the focus and energy on the employee. Creating and developing (H)abits (your daily routine), (A)wareness (perspective on life), and (S)ervice (exceeding the customers expectations). We believe it’s what every business and employee H.A.S to have.

(H)abits (your daily routine)

(A)wareness (perspective on life)

(S)ervice (exceeding the customers expectations)